Your store inside
telegram in 5 minutes

A full store, with payment systems, delivery services and convenient control panel with built-in CRM and Analytics.

How it works

In just 3 easy steps:

Enter botCommerce

Create a profile using your email
or phone number

Fill your store

Enter items [title, price, description, photo]
and select some settings

Start receiving orders

Show your customers the store inside
Telegram and start processing orders

How does a Telegram shop looks like?

Main menu, categories, products, cart, checkout process

Main menu

Order button with categories and products under
the hood, Settings, About us, Feedback and My orders

Categories and Products

Categories may contain subcategories or
products, products have description, photo and price

Checkout process

Client can choose payment type,
delivery type(delivery or pickup),
send address(text or location)

Everything in Control Panel

All shop settings can be configured in Shop Control Panel


First month is free, you can use all of the functions of our platform.
Monthly fee should be paid from second month.

  • Store control panel
  • Products, orders, customers
  • Smart analytics
  • Payment systems
  • Smart push companies


beginning from second month


Why choose us

Create a store with us, take your
business to next level and increase your sales

Stable updates and support

We always monitor our system,
make updates and support

Ease of use

Super easy and
intuitive control panel


Pay only for additional features
if you can afford it

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